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    I needed a summer weight dressing gown to wear around the house. I usually always throw on a dressing gown in the morning to get the children ready with a coffee. I already have a super thick, snuggly fleece one which is great in the winter but far to hot for the summer.

    I had a look about for a good pattern and found the Fleur Robe. I love a freebie pattern so decided to go with it. I bought this duvet cover and loved the bunny print so much I bought another for this project.

    I decided to go for a bit of luxury and do French seams along with lining it. I used a plain bed sheet to line it. I had thought of it being a practice run, so didn’t want to use ‘best’ fabric but it actually turned out super.

    I found that the instructions were a bit lacking and they definitely needed some knowledge of sewing to make it work. I don’t think the pattern would be good for a beginner because of this, overall the construction was pretty easy but I like more detailed instructions.

    The final fit was a little on the large size – I didn’t add to the seam allowance for the French seam either so I could have definitely gone down a size. This isn’t too much of a problem as it is good for wrapping up in (it fits me and a small child in). I think I would probably size down if I was going to make another of this pattern or from this company.

    I’m not very happy with the length of the sleeve, I definitely think I will make them shorter at some point (just haven’t got round to it). I have to roll them up when trying to do anything and have accidentally dipped them in my morning coffee a couple of times. I love the pockets though, they are nice and big.

    I don’t think I will be making another one of these any time soon, I don’t really have the need for multiple robes! But if i do, i would probably uyse this same pattern but make a few adjustments.

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  1. Good idea using old duvets. I’ll try remember that! Handy for practice toiles too. I was given one of these…